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With a vision to empower talent through its innovative learning experience has an answer to all these questions. It’s ever-evolving and open-minded system encourages students to exceed expectations in their area of interest, thus, guiding them to become ethically sound individuals.StudyFit, believes in the concept of promoting and encouraging individuals to pursue their passion. This belief system is the root for the initiative StudyFit.From the wide variety of courses available how does a student know

Why Should you trust Studyfit ?

Studyfit Assessments are a product of hard research and strong alignment to renown psychometric theories:

Iceberg Model

Model for competencies that talks about the easy, limited information of education, experience, skills,motivations,thinking & cultural fit.

Watson Glaser

A Critical Thinking Test designed to assess an individual's ability to digest & understand situations and information.

Raven's Progressive Matrices

A test used to measure abstract reasoning and regarded as a non-verbal mate of fluid intelligence.

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